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Curvy Queen Candle

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Experience the romance and beauty of Curvy Queen Candle, a unique and gorgeous candle that’s a perfect addition to any home. Curvy Queen Candle is made of 100% soy wax and comes in the unique shape of a woman’s silhouette, providing a soft, but powerful aesthetic to any room. Whether you use it to add a romantic ambiance to your bedroom or to lighten up the mood in your living space, Curvy Queen Candle is sure to be the centerpiece of your decor. The unscented candle offers a beautiful, serene glow that helps to keep stress at bay and create a cozy atmosphere. The Curvy Queen Candle is sure to bring an unexpected flair to your space. Plus, its elegant shape is sure to be admired by guests. When you choose Curvy Queen Candle, you’re choosing a candle that’s far more than just decorative; you’re choosing a piece of art. With its unique shape and sophisticated finish, it is sure to bring out the beauty of your Soy wax Unscented Made in the USA
XS 0/2 31-33.5 24-25 36-37
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